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Certificate/Diploma Programme

Welcome to NAFTI Admission Portal

Steps to Apply:
  1. Enter your Serial Code and PIN Number and Click on the Apply Now Button.
  2. Select your Mode of Application as Certificate Programme, Diploma Programme or Top-up Diploma Programme and Begin Application process.
  3. Fill in the required fields to complete each step of the application.
  4. Certify your Application at the Last Step to Complete your Application process.

  • Purchase an E-Voucher from the Account Department at NAFTI Campus and receive a Serial Code and PIN to access the NAFTI Admission Portal.

  • Foreign and Ghanaian Applicants who cannot make it to the NAFTI Campus Can request for their Serial Code and PIN by using the REQUEST CODE link below. You are required to pay for the E-Voucher using a Banker's Draft in the name of NATIONAL FILM AND TELEVISION INSTITUTE and EMS (Ghana Post) to the Institute before your application will be considered for processing.
Request Code
Contact: for Assistance